Purchasing Fine Art Prints or Licensing Rights


Touching Light Photography and artist Richard Mitchell strive to provide strong images that speak to the heart, with prints of highest quality for beautiful display in your home or office. Please know that you are always welcome to contact me, Richard Mitchell, directly to speak with me about your fine art and printing needs.

Images and print sizes available through this website have been carefully selected to ensure a quality image at the specified size. Fine are prints in paper, canvas, and acrylic media of up to 24" in shortest dimension (e.g. 24" x 36") and canvas wraps of up to 18" in the shortest dimension are produced directly by the artist at Touching Light Photography. When available, larger sizes of prints are produced through a professional printing service from highest quality image files, enabling print sizes far in excess of 24" x 36" or 24" x 48" (e.g. 48" x 72" or 60" x 90"). The use of a professional printing service may also expand the range of print media available. Please inquire directly through the "Contact" button above for any special need or interest.


Sales and Licenses

Most photographs displayed on this website are available as fine art prints and may also be available to license for other uses.  Orders for fine art prints may be placed directly through this website – or use the “Contact” button above to inquire about licensing images for other uses.

Please note that all photographs on this website are © Copyright Touching Light Photography and Richard Mitchell - All Rights Reserved, and may not be used or reproduced in any form without express written permission from Touching Light Photography unless purchased or licensed from Touching Light Photography.  

Limited Edition Collection

My best photographs are available through my Limited Edition Collection, in which the number of fine art prints produced is limited to one “Artist’s Proof” plus no more than the edition limit of 100 prints regardless of the format and size of the print produced. Limited Edition Prints are signed, dated and numbered in the lower right margin area (24" x prints will be signed in the lower right corner of the print itself unless otherwise requested), and include a certificate of authenticity. After reaching the specified edition limit, the image will never again be produced as a fine art print.

Please note that Limited Edition images may still be used in other formats by Touching Light Photography or by licensees (e.g. for use in greeting cards, calendars, or for display on websites, but will not be available or be licensed to produce fine art prints once the edition closes.

Available Print Media (paper, canvas, acrylic)

  • Raw Prints

All limited edition fine art prints are available as “raw” prints (without matting or mounting). Raw prints of up to 24 inches in the short dimension (e.g. 24” x 36”) are produced by Touching Light Photography on an Epson Stylus Pro 7900 professional wide-format printer using HDR archival pigment-based inks. Larger size prints, when available, are produced by a high-quality professional printing service.

Please note that on addition to “raw” prints, some prints are available as canvas wrap prints and/or as acrylic face-mounted prints as a part of the limited edition (the edition of each print will be limited to the total number of prints (e.g. if an edition is limited to 50 prints, it may include 30 raw prints + 15 canvas wraps + 5 acrylic facemount prints – totaling the edition maximum of 50).

  • Archival Fine Art Prints

The paper or medium available is specified separately for each image and is selected from the following Epson Signature Worthy professional archival-quality media:

  • Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper (one of the highest performing photo papers with a “Luster E surface” (orange peel) of traditional silver halide prints). Features a luster finish, 10 mil thickness, 97% opacity, 97% ISO brightness, and a high “Dmax” for “blacker blacks” and “whiter whites”.
  • Epson Metallic Photo Paper Luster, a semi-gloss photo paper which features an incredible Dmax and a rich color gamut (wide-range of colors reproduction), providing extremely sharp details and depth (apparent 3-dimensionality). This paper features a luster finish, 10 mil thickness, 97% opacity and a 97 ISO brightness.
  • Epson Metallic Photo Paper Glossy, a high-gloss photo paper with similar features to the Metallic Luster paper (above), but with even better representation of fine details. This paper may be used for “raw prints”, and is the paper of choice for acrylic face-mount prints exhibiting extreme detail, terrific contrast, and excellent color reproduction. The paper features a high-gloss finish, 10 mil thickness, 97% opacity, and a 92 ISO brightness.
  • Epson Semimatte Photo Paper, a high-performance, extremely-smooth surfaced paper with a very low glare surface featuring a semimatte finish, 10 mil thickness, 96% opacity, and 94 ISO brightness.
  • Epson Exhibition Canvas Matte, an elegantly textured canvas with a non-reflective matte surface, 23 mil thickness (395 gsm weight), a high Dmax and wide color gamut. This paper is also used for canvas wraps, which are additionally covered with a protective coating following printing.


  • Canvas Wraps and Acrylic Face Mount Prints

Canvas wraps and acrylic facemount prints are wonderful options for frameless display of images, and are a favorite for frameless display. Both formats allow easy wall-hanging without the need to mat and frame a print, and are premium priced because of the mounting techniques employed.

Canvas wrap prints are printed on an archival canvas medium, then are coated with an optically clear protective layer, and are then stretched around a wood frame. Canvas wraps come with eyebolts for mounting framing wire to hang the print.

Acrylic face-mount images are first printed on an archival glossy metallic photo paper. The image is then laminated directly to a 3/16” sheet of clear acrylic using an optically clear adhesive. The print is finished with a wooden frame of 3/4” Baltic birch plywood furnished with eyebolts for hanging, that s adhered to the back of the print. The plywood frame hides behind the image such that when hung, the print appears to “float” off the wall (by the ¾” thickness of the frame).

Please note that while both canvas and acrylic facemount prints are made on archival papers and have extremely good stability and durability, neither is officially considered to be an archival format. With canvas wraps, the print is not glass-protected, and with acrylic facemount prints, the image is mounted irreversibly to a sheet of acrylic with an optically clear adhesive. Acrylic prints have excellent durability, but must be cared for carefully to avoid scratching the acrylic surface above the print.

Pricing and Ordering

Prints from the Limited Edition Collection and other (non-limited edition) prints may be ordered directly from this website using the “shopping cart” (Buy) button that will appear at the top of the page whenever a print remains available for purchase.

Prices for each print are based on the size, the medium employed (paper, canvas wrap, acrylic face mount), and will increase as fewer prints remain in a limited edition.

Sales tax will added and charged for all prints destined for delivery in the state of Washington.

Please note that all prices include standard shipping to continental USA addresses (only), and are subject to change at any time (such changes will be reflected on the website). Prices may be subject to discount when multiple prints are combined into a single order. Please use the “Contact” button at the top of the page to contact us to discuss pricing for larger orders, or other shipping options. Please note that expedited production and shipping may be available for an additional charge, however field work necessitates that this option may not be available at all times.

A Note on Print Sizes

Most prints are printed with a dimensional ratio of 2:3 (e.g. 20” x 30”) or 3:4 (e.g. 15” x 20”). Prints with a higher ratio than 2:3 are considered to be panoramic images and are subject to custom pricing based on the ratio and size employed for producing the fine art print.

License Information

Where available, licenses may be either rights-managed (with limitations on size, placement, duration of use and geographic distribution), or royalty-free (may be used multiple times for multiple projects without incurring additional charges). Royalty-free licenses are always non-exclusive and non-transferrable, and the prices of royalty-free licenses are based on the image file size and the number of people entitled to use the image.