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Guestbook for Touching Light Photography - Richard Mitchell, Photographer
Paula Rey Cowdrey(non-registered)
Wow you have traveled far and wide to capture the beauty of the landscape! Lovely wildlife photos, You have a good eye and I can tell much patience! I enjoyed viewing your web site.
Ed Peters(non-registered)
Hi Richard, just met you last night at the Christmas Party at Beaumont Wineries in Woodinville. Had a chance to peruse some of your work...good job! look forward to seeing more stuff as you add it.
Richard Mitchell(non-registered)
I'm in the process of building this website of new photos from Touching Light Photography. Once complete, the photos will all be located at "", but until then, feel free to browse this site at "".

I am beginning to offer prints for sale, though for the moment, many of the images are in the process of being revised to be available for large-format printing via Mpix and the other printing/production services offered through my website. In addition, users are invited to contact me directly for custom printing services (either of the photos here or of your own photos).